Apply your new colors to the space in one click.


Cover the Wall

The roller is used to paint large areas all at once. Select the tool then click the wall you want to paint – the new color will appear on that wall. When using your own photo, you can control the area covered using the buttons provided.



Paint Freely

This tool allows you to paint your space freehand. Select the size of the brush you need to paint the tricky areas that aren’t covered with the roller.

Painters Tape


Prep Your Space

Before painting, separate the area you want to paint from everything else. Click to make points along the dividing lines – these points connect to create a strip of blue tape. You can select and drag points to move them any time this tool is selected. Activate the Delete Point button to remove any points you no longer need.



Tidy Up

Fix any mistakes using the different sizes of erasers. Activate this tool and drag over the painted areas you want to erase. The eraser sizes coincide with the brush sizes for easy cleanup.

Customize Your Experience

Upload your own photo or use a photo you've already uploaded for access to more tools to customize your painting project.

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