Industrial Coatings

Wattyl has a complete range of leading coatings systems available for major protective and commercial/industrial projects. Our technologically advanced products include those used for major steel structures and commercial projects.

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Protective Coatings

Wattyl's Protective coatings are used across a wide range of industry segments from marine structures, mine sites, commercial structural steel and tank linings. Our complete product systems make it simpler to specify for complex situations and application and can be relied on to perform even under the toughest of conditions. Products include Galvit (zinc rich primers), Epinamel (epoxies), Poly U (polyurethane topcoats), Paracryl (catalysed acrylic topcoats), Duranamel (single pack primers and topcoats).  

Industrial Metal Coatings

Wattyl's Industrial Metal Coatings consist of a comprehensive range of products for the industrial metal finishing industry. These include durable primers, air drying enamels, fast air drying enamels for structural steel, agricultural and other implements and high durability two pack polyurethane topcoats.

Timber Coatings

Wattyl's Industrial Timber Coatings consists of comprehensive range of coloured and clear coatings designed to meet the needs of the industrial timber finishing industry. Products include putties, fillers, stains, sealers and undercoats, lacquers, general purpose and specialised pre-catalysed lacquers, acid catalysed coatings and polyurethane coatings based on the latest technology.